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Poopy-Di-Scoop Children’s E-Book

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A new classic picture e-book, for a new generation of culture scholars. Share it with a child, grandchild, or Yeezus fan in your life. Includes beautifully illustrated watercolors, perfect for teaching colors, sounds, rhymes & more. Poopy-Di-Scoop offers a great interactive, fun experience for all ages.

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Pages 21
Illustrations Watercolor
Language English Kanyeneze

Product Dimensions 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches

“You have to read it to believe. A classic for any Yeezy fan, child or lover of the culture.”

-the author


Green Turtle Goes Bloop

Bloop-diddy, Bloop

Bloop, BloopBloop-daddy-TootToot-Bloop

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